16 martie, 2012

Infernal Devices - Family Rings

Blackthorn. Morgenstern. Fairchild.  Wayland. Carstairs. Lightwood.

"The Herondale ring would have a pattern of flying birds.
Carstairs, a pattern of castles or crenellations
Lightwood — a pattern of flames around the band
Wayland — a pattern of horseshoes or nails after Wayland Smith
Fairchild: a pattern of faerie wings
Blackthorn: A pattern of thorns.
Starkweather — Pattern of lightning bolts.
Morgenstern: a pattern of stars.
Verlac: A ring in the shape of a serpent.
Branwell: Pattern of waves or water.
Most of the patterns just have to do with the name derivations or meanings; Carstairs is said to come from “casteli” meaning castle."

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