25 februarie, 2013

Concurs Midnight Rescue - Elle Kennedy

Heeeeey guys! Asa cum v-am promis, un nou concurs, cu o carte care mie-mi pare destuuul de geniala! Cartea se numeste "Midnight Alias", iar autoarea acesteia, Elle Kennedy, a fost de acord sa ofere un exemplar unui norocos castigator. Midnight Alias este prima carte din seria acesteia, Killer Instincts,(volumul 2 tocmai a aparut pe 5 februarie, gasiti detalii aici ) si spune povestea lui Abby Sinclair, a kickass heroine! Daca v-au placut Katniss, Rose, Dru  si alte fete dure din cartile pentru adolescenti, atunci nu trebuie sa ratati sansa de a castiga aceasta carte.
Mai jos aveti un Rafflecopte. Este prima data cand folosesc un Rafflecopter asa ca sper sa iasa bine. Wish me luck!!
 Thank you Elle!

http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1324661720l/12368900.jpgREZUMAT :

Dangerous. Ruthless. Savage. And she's the good guy.

Abby Sinclair had a desperate childhood until she was rescued and adopted by a retired army ranger who molded her into a master of self-defense. Now, she's a cunning and fearless assassin thrust into assignment after dangerous assignment, using everything she has-nerve, resilience, strength, sex-to come out on top. Her only rule: trust no one.
Abby's latest assignment is in Columbia: go undercover and snuff out a dangerous arms dealer active in the underground sex trade. But when Abby purposely blows her cover in a last-ditch attempt to free the helpless victims, deadly mercenary Kane Woodland is recruited as back-up. His mission: get Abby out of that hell hole.

The last thing Kane expects is to feel a primal attraction for Abby. But when she convinces him to join her on her perilous mission, their newfound passion could put the lives of their whole team at risk.


WWA: What inspires you? Do you have a special place where you enjoy
 EK : Everything inspires me! Conversations with friends, people I meet out in the world, books I
read. I can find inspirations and get ideas anywhere. I don’t have a special writing place, but I
do love writing outside on a sunny day.

WWA: We know inspiration can come any time, in any place. Could you tell
your fans when and where you had the great idea for your book?
EK: For Midnight Rescue, the idea came at home, in my office, when I was trying to come up
with a new series that would feature kickass heroines as well as kickass heroes. After some
brainstorming, I decided that assassin heroines would be the most fun to write.

WWA: I heard that sometimes, writers tend to create characters that are
more or less based on real-life people. Did you inspire from reality?
EK: I don’t usually base characters on real people. I find that doing that hinders my writing process
because then there are limits to what I can do with the character.

WWA:  Let’s say it’s the end of the world .You have the possibility to
only save 3 books. Which books would you save?
EK: That’s a tough one! I’d definitely pick Wanderlust by Danielle Steel because it’s one of my
favourite romances. The other two…maybe something by JR Ward and Iris Johansen.

WWA: When did you first realise you like to write? It’s a passion you
had since you were a child or it was something developed during your life?
EK: I was writing from the moment I knew how to use a pencil. I wrote short stories as a kid and
knew from very early on that I wanted to write books.

WWA: Since a lot of us might have a dream of writing their own book
someday, what kind of advice would you give them?
EK: Don’t give up—if you submit something and get rejected, keep submitting. Most writers aren’t
lucky enough to sell a book on the very first try, and if you don’t have the determination and
a thick skin, you won’t get to where you want to be. Also, hone your craft. As a writer, I am
constantly learning and evolving and wanting to get better, and I try to up my game with each
book I write.

WWA: Is being a writer what you wish you’ll be for the rest of your
life? And…if you could turn back time, would you choose a different life
for you? Maybe a different job?
EK: I can’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life. I’ll be a writer until the day I die! If I
could turn back time, I wouldn’t do anything differently.

WWA: If you could chose one person( someone famous, someone loved, etc.)
to read your book and tell you their honest opinion about it, who would
that person be?
EK: I kind of want anyone who reads my books to give me honest opinions—friends, family,
strangers. But it would also be cool if Oprah read one of my books!

WWA: Since this is the last question, it’ll be one nice and
..”delicious”. If you could turn your book in something you could eat, what
would it be?
EK: Chocolate. I am obsessed with chocolate J


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