17 martie, 2012

Some Cassandra Claire News

Probabil toti stiti deja de noua serie "Dark Artificies". Cum sunt destuul de multe noutati legate de aceasta noua serie, le-am pus pe toate intr-o singura postare. Enjoy!

Ooh, I really kind of love this. It has that crossover “Emma is a badass” feel.

this gives me the adult book feeling. 
1. Interviu siii primele detalii despre noua serie

According to the Washington Post, "The Dark Artifices," which takes place five years after the events of "The Mortal Instruments," will introduce readers to Shadowhunter Emma Carstairs and partner Julian Blackthorn, whom Emma has complicated feelings for but which must be put aside to investigate a demonic plot that reaches from the Sunset Strip all the way to the enchanted sea in Santa Monica.
The first book in the series won't be released until 2015, but that didn't stop Hollywood Crush from chatting up Cassie about the work in progress. Check out our interview with her after the jump (which also includes a tiny tidbit from her draft)!

Hollywood Crush: How will the events of "The Dark Artifices" mesh with the world of "The Mortal Instruments"?
Cassandra Clare
: I realized that as long as I was writing "The Mortal Instruments" I would be stuck in 2007, 2008, because anything beyond that and the main characters age out of teenagerhood, which is the life period the books are about. But I wanted to push forward into the current day, so "The Dark Artifices" takes place in 2012. Five years after the events of "The Mortal Instruments." That would make the characters of "TMI"—Clary, Jace, Simon—22, 23 years old (well, the ones who survive, anyway!). We'll be able to check in with them and see who's still together and who broke up, who's married, who has what job, what they're like as adults.
What's the inspiration for the series title?
The inspiration for the title! Okay, this is so dorky. The main family, the Blackthorns, of "The Dark Artifices," have a father who is a classicist. He is obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology and history. So "The Dark Artifices" comes from "The Annals of Imperial Rome" by Tacitus. "It would have been less ignominious to die by the dark artifices of Tiberius or the fury of Caligula." I just liked the phrase. And all the kids in the family have Greek or Roman names—Helen, Julian, Marcus, Olivia and even Tiberius. (Poor Tiberius.) As for the individual books, the working title for the first book is "Lady Midnight."

New York and London are such integral elements—almost characters in and of themselves—in your series. How will moving the action to L.A. affect the goings-on? Should we expect surfing Shadowhunters?
Los Angeles is my hometown! Now, I have nothing against surfers. Surfers are hot, and the beach and the ocean play a huge role in "Dark Artifices." But there is a wonderful darkness to Los Angeles that people often don't see unless they live there. There are the wonderful sea caves up by Leo Carillo, the deserts just outside the city, and there are supposed to be ghosts haunting the Hollywood Hills.There's the whole genre of "sunlit noir" and the tradition of hard-boiled detectives like Phillip Marlowe. Los Angeles is this place that has a glittering, glamorous surface but below it is this machine that grinds up dreams and crushes them. Which is so much fun to work with when you're writing!

There's a lovely description of the Santa Ana winds, the hot winds that blow out of the desert, by Raymond Chandler: "Those hot dry winds that come down through the mountain passes and curl your hair and make your nerves jump and your skin itch. On nights like that every booze party ends in a fight. Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands' necks. Anything can happen."
How much have you written of the first novel?
Well, we're years out! But I have the first book outlined, and quite a few scenes written. Here's a little bit: "The cycle hit the beach and spun out. Emma came to a stop on her back, her body shaking, her hair and clothes full of sand and her ears full of the sound of the wildly crashing ocean."

2. Primul Volum 

Titlu : Lady Midnight
“The working title of TDA Book 1 is Lady Midnight.”

 ”Does this mean that the titles will be related to nobility titles, Lady, Midnight, times of day, or any combination of the four? Or will there be no pattern?””

Nobility titles. But Lady Midnight is named after a favorite Leonard Cohen song.
I came by myself to a very crowded place; 
I was looking for someone who had lines in her face. 
I found her there but she was past all concern; 
I asked her to hold me, I said, “Lady, unfold me,” 
but she scorned me and she told me 
I was dead and I could never return. 

Well, I argued all night like so many have before, 
saying, “Whatever you give me, I seem to need so much more.” 
Then she pointed at me where I kneeled on her floor, 
she said, “Don’t try to use me or slyly refuse me, 
just win me or lose me, 
it is this that the darkness is for.” 

I cried, “Oh, Lady Midnight, I fear that you grow old, 
the stars eat your body and the wind makes you cold.” 
“If we cry now,” she said, “it will just be ignored.” 
So I walked through the morning, sweet early morning, 
I could hear my lady calling, 
“You’ve won me, you’ve won me, my Lord.”

3. Cum isi imagineaza autoarea personajele principale, pe Emma si Julian

"I rarely if ever do this but I actually did get the physical idea of Julian from a photograph. It’s a really famous onset photo of Elijah Wood that Viggo Mortensen took during the filming of Lord of the Rings."

"I don’t know, it was something about the spiky dark hair and the snow (not that it snows in LA) and the way the photo seemed to capture a vulnerable moment — and I was already thinking of Julian as dark-haired, a little vulnerable, a painter, someone who wears all black, bites his nails and is likely to pull his sleeves down over his hands. But, Elijah Wood doesn’t look like that any more (sorry Elijah!) so …
Colton Haynes would get my vote."

"Especially in that photo, because Julian is really tall and thin, plus the all-black thing. Jules has brown hair and blue-green eyes —"

"As for Emma — Teresa Palmer probably. I wanted to write a badass blonde, because blondes are so often portrayed as arm candy, and she seems tough and awesome."

"Okay, that may be enough picspam for the moment. Other characters later. But now you have seen inside my head!"
Vania is my squidling! She made me a Julian and Emma graphic. *loves*
I will quit posting about the Dark Artifices soon enough, I am just still excited I finally get to talk about it! 

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